Defining the “State of the Art” in Real Estate Technology

Exclusive Sales Platform

  • Global and National Exposure
  • Interoffice Collaboration
  • Importation of Capital Across State Lines
  • Fully Integrated Support Team
  • Cutting Edge Marketing Material
  • Access to largest pool of private and Institutional investors
  • Marketing Statistics

Streamline Operations

  • Quarterly Earnings Reports
  • Semi Annual Valutation Summaries
  • Return on Equity Analysis
  • DSCR Analytics
  • Local Market Reporting
  • Budgeting Reposition Opportunities

Increase Efficiency

  • Utility Consumption Monitoring
  • Quarterly Expense Feedback
  • Rent Growth Tracking
  • Performance Measures
  • Occupancy Statistics
  • Loss to Lease Analytics

Promote Collaboration

  • Culture of Information Sharing
  • Nationwide Office Cooperation
  • Strategic Regional Alliances
  • Cooperative Brokerage
  • Transparent Escrow Process
  • Synchronized Escrow Management
  • Investor Symposiums
  • Bridgeing Private and Institutional Capital